Benefits of Baby Massage

Posted on February 04, 2016 by Emma Colombera | 0 comments

AS a mum to four kiddies and Nutritionist and Infant Massage Instructor, its safe to say, that kids health and well being is a passion of mine.  As is strengthening the bond between mother and child, as sometimes maternal instincts don't kick in and it can be hard to bond and feel that connection.  there are many things I believe that can help, one being baby wearing (another massive love of mine - don't even ask me how many dollars worth of wraps i own!!) and the other is baby massage.

Baby massage is a great skill to learn and it has been proven to help strengthen the bond between parent and child and assist with mothers suffering with PND.  I am not saying it will cure it, as always if you are suffering with PND or think you may be seek professional advice, I am meerly saying it is nice to have something that makes you feel good.

There are many other benefits to massage and these are some of the,:

  • help babies suffering with colic and wind
  • help promote relaxation for bub and the caregiver
  • assist with motor skills development
  • teach babies and children about appropriate touch
  • assist babies suffering with wind and colic
  • research has shown can also be effective in relaxing children with ADHD, autism and special needs 
  • improve circulation
  • improve immune system

There are many more benefits and it such a lovely skill to learn, if you would like to learn more, check out our massage and nutrition course coming up in May.

As always, thank you for stopping by and have a lovely day.

Em x


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