Whats the go with cradle cap?

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What is cradle cap?

It appears on baby's head and can appear as mild yellowy,brown flaky spots or can cover the entire head.  Generally appearing on newborns or develops over the first few months after birth. 

Why do they get it?

It is believed to be a result of hormones in their little bodies left over from pregnancy.  People with a family history of skin conditions such as eczema seem to be more prone to have babies with cradle cap.  The sebaceous glands secrete a substance called sebum causing the bumps.  These secretions tend to slow down as the baby develops and in most cases the cradle cap clears up on its own.

Is it it  a problem?

Sometimes the little spots can become inflamed and then infected, the spots become very red and swollen, if you suspect this to be the case always best to get your health care professional to check it to be sure.

Can I do anything to help get rid of it?

AS mentioned above it often clears up by itself but here are a few things that can help in the meantime:

  • wash hair regularly and brush scalp with a soft brush to help loosen patches
  • massage a small amount of a cold pressed oil onto scalp, you can leave over night and then wash and brush in the morning to help remove softened patches.  We recommend a cold pressed organic oil as small amounts can be absorbed into the skin and using an organic oil means no nasty chemicals being absorbed.  You could try our calming baby massage oil, and then also use it for baby massage.
  • baby massage assists in improving circulation and elimination through the skin, so can be of benefit, 



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