Top Tips to Settle an Overtired Baby

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Ok, so before i start I want to make it clear I am not an expert, this article is based on my experiences as a mum to four and my background in children's health.  I hope it is of some use and I would love to hear what you find helps and also if you find something helpful from this blog post it would be lovely to hear from you too!!

So we all know to look for the cues our baby is tired and ready to go to bed, the signs can really vary depending on the baby and its age.  These are some of the signs i have found to be pretty common across my four kiddies.

  • staring into space
  • turning head away from you if you are holding them, laying near them
  • a soft cranky cough like cry that then turns into a louder cry as the become more tired
  • yawning
  • skin around the eyes start to get red
  • sometimes i found their little feet and hands became warmer than usual - yes a really weird one but this is just in my experience

But as you can probably relate to, sometimes we miss these cues, we have other kiddies to attend to, washing to do, errands to run, life in general.  And you know what, that is ok, its not the be all and end all.  I use to get so worried if I missed these cues, that I would never get my babies to self settle if i kept missing these cues to get them to bed.  But I have now learned that its ok, tomorrow is another day, and I can try again.  

So if you happen to miss these cues then here are some tips I found to help.

  • wrap baby up (especially for under month old babies)
  • cuddle bub in an upright position snuggled in close to your face and neck
  • a dark, quiet room
  • stroking softly their little forehead/nose
  • a gentle hand resting on their chest
  • skin on skin for newborns
  • baby wearing - yes I am huge advocate and probably very biased, but it works EVERY time
  • camomile tea bag slipped under the sheet (so that its tucked away safe)
  • super soft sheets on their mattress
  • rescue remedy drops on the crown of their head and take some yourself, a few drops under the tongue

Now if you have tried all these and nothing works, give yourself a break, if you are getting frustrated put bub down for a minute, go take a few breaths and come back, the calmer you are the better it will work.  If the breaths don't work, call your bestie, your hubby, your mum, someone who's voice you know will help make you feel good.  Then try again.  You CAN and WILL get them to sleep. 

Now, if you would like any information on baby wearing, follow this link 

If you would like more information on baby routines and helping babies sleep click here

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something useful in this article.

Em x




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