Why use organic massage oil

Posted on March 30, 2016 by Emma Colombera | 0 comments

We all love to spend time bonding with our babies and a great way to do so is with baby massage.

We offer infant massage classes here locally in Busselton and our next one is due to start on the 2nd May, you can enrol here.

During the course we provide a free massage oil to use and keep.  It is an organic almond oil base with a very faint hint of lavendar and mandarin.  Now I guess you might wonder why organic?  Well many reasons here are a few:

  • your skin is like a big sponge, it absorbs small parts of what is put onto it.  So wouldn't you wan to ensure you know that there are no nasties being absorbed into your little one's bodies?
  • almond oil is a soft scented oil so it will not overstimulate their very sensitive bodies, the same goes for only small amounts of essential oils in our blend. This is so the oil is not overpowering in  any way.  
  • Furthermore almond oil as the base does NOT clog pores, which could otherwise lead to skin irritation for those with sensitive skin.

If you would like more info on our calming baby massage oil you can check it out here.


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