The week I realised I wasn't super woman

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We are lucky to have some Guest Bloggers writing some articles for us, we hope you enjoy reading and get something from them.  

Em x


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Top 8 tips to boost your immune system?

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I love winter, it is my favourite season, I know some might call me crazy, but I always have loved it.  The only thing I don't like about it is the colds and flus it brings! 

Now I'm not promising that the following will stop you getting sick at all, we are all human and get the occasional cold, but for some, winter is a constant battle against runny noses and annoying coughing fits.

Here are a few of my immune boosting tips and tricks:

  1. Eat plenty of fresh, (if possible home grown) seasonal fruit and veg. Why? When in season they are jam packed full of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals and help keep your body running at its best, so that it has the best chance of fighting of the dreaded lurgy.
  2. Drink plenty of water, so many reasons why this is important, but to keep it simple hydrated bodies are happy bodies, plus being around heating drains your body and we tend to forget about H2O when its no longer hot.
  3. Green smoothies, with berries, foods such as spinach, kale, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries are high in antioxidants (they fight of baddies in your body) iron (essential for immune function) Vitamin C (immune fighting and boosting, reduces inflammation, reduces mucus production) Plus add a dash of ginger and turmeric, both anti inflammatory and  help break down mucus.  Make it part of your daily routine if possible, plus adding additional nutrients by adding products such as "vital greens" can help top your body up with essential nutrients.
  4. Exercise - yes I know its hard when its cold and wet, but healthy mind, body spirit all goes together, exercise promotes healthy blood flow, lymphatic flow, releases feel good hormones and helps reduce stress. 
  5.  Use old fashioned cleaning agents around hyena home, ie) chemical free!! By reducing pollutants in your home your body doesn't doesn't has to work alas had and has more energy to fight any bugs.
  6. Essential oils are growing in popularity as a preventative and to aid symptoms when you are sick, some strong antiviral, antibacterial oils include, lavendar, frankincense, tea tree, rosemary and peppermint.  You can diffuse or apply diluted wiht a carrier oil,  insult your local expert for more info on oils.
  7. improve gut health, take a probiotic, immunity starts in the gut, a probiotic and a healthy, balanced diet are a great start.
  8. avoid sugars and processed foods, both not great for your body in excessive amounts, with one of them being reducing your immune function. So cut out or minimise these food types.

so there you go a few tips to get you started, feel free to share how you go or any tips you may have that you swear by!!



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Why use organic massage oil

Posted on March 30, 2016 by Emma Colombera | 0 comments

We all love to spend time bonding with our babies and a great way to do so is with baby massage.

We offer infant massage classes here locally in Busselton and our next one is due to start on the 2nd May, you can enrol here.

During the course we provide a free massage oil to use and keep.  It is an organic almond oil base with a very faint hint of lavendar and mandarin.  Now I guess you might wonder why organic?  Well many reasons here are a few:

  • your skin is like a big sponge, it absorbs small parts of what is put onto it.  So wouldn't you wan to ensure you know that there are no nasties being absorbed into your little one's bodies?
  • almond oil is a soft scented oil so it will not overstimulate their very sensitive bodies, the same goes for only small amounts of essential oils in our blend. This is so the oil is not overpowering in  any way.  
  • Furthermore almond oil as the base does NOT clog pores, which could otherwise lead to skin irritation for those with sensitive skin.

If you would like more info on our calming baby massage oil you can check it out here.


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Winter Blossom

Posted on March 10, 2016 by Emma Colombera | 0 comments

Whimsical forest animals, winter berries and soft blossoms make up our AW16 range.  I really love this release and so thankful for our amazing graphic designer from Blossom Tree Designs who has helped bring my vision to life!

Here are a few photos for you.

winter sleeping bags

And this one is just for good measure:


Thanks for stopping by and supporting my little organics

Em x

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Schools back, sibling rivalry and clingy toddlers

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First week back at school here for us here in WA and I am absolutely stuffed!!

With two at school and the other two home, (one two years and the newest addition 3 months) it was the simple logistics of it!!  Between school drop off and pick up and dance lessons etc, over 50 times getting the kids in and out. In between feeding a goliath of a baby and a toddler that is suddenly eating her weight in food per day, it felt like all I managed all day was to get them dressed and fed and in and out the car!!

SO with one very clingy toddler in toe coupled with a very hesitant 6 year old with her first week at year one and lots of tears and a toddler clothes lining herself on a metal pole, tripping over steps, falling flat on her face in the middle of the basketball courts and many other stacks and bumps she had at school drop of time, it was at the very least stressful!!

My oldest thank  goodness was a gem!!  Straight off into his class and super excited to be back with his mates, helped by the return of his best friend who left half way through the year last year.  I am very grateful for that.

Then by the end of the week, tired bickering kids, I mean I love them all dearly, but give me strength or a bottle of wine!!  But wait that's right I cant drink I'm breastfeeding!!  Ok so just go quietly insane!!

photo courtesy of pinterest

But somehow out of the blue, this morning with no hubby home, no milk, no bread, no breakfast cereal, and a trip to the shops with four HUNGRY kids, and a trip back to the shop to retrieve missing thongs (don't ask my oldest thought he was a monkey whilst out shopping) to only discover said thongs where actually in the car the entire time, something interesting happened.

Back in the house 5 mins, and before my morning coffee (watch out world without this i DO NOT function!!) the two oldest where fighting about everything.  I felt like a pressure cooker, it was going to get UGGGGL-Y!!  But instead, somehow and I still don't know where I pulled this from, I quietly got up asked both of them to sit opposite each other in the hallway.  Instead of ranting and raving and time out, I explained that they where to both sit and look at each other and take turns telling 5 things they like about each other.  I walked off made my coffee and came back to giggling kiddies who are still nicely playing with each other an hour later as I sit and write this.

I am not saying its a miracle worker, it just happened to work for me this morning and its got me thinking of how I can think outside the box more often and if any of you out there have any other amazing tips that we could possibly share?

What do you think?

Happy weekend

em x

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Benefits of Baby Massage

Posted on February 04, 2016 by Emma Colombera | 0 comments

AS a mum to four kiddies and Nutritionist and Infant Massage Instructor, its safe to say, that kids health and well being is a passion of mine.  As is strengthening the bond between mother and child, as sometimes maternal instincts don't kick in and it can be hard to bond and feel that connection.  there are many things I believe that can help, one being baby wearing (another massive love of mine - don't even ask me how many dollars worth of wraps i own!!) and the other is baby massage.

Baby massage is a great skill to learn and it has been proven to help strengthen the bond between parent and child and assist with mothers suffering with PND.  I am not saying it will cure it, as always if you are suffering with PND or think you may be seek professional advice, I am meerly saying it is nice to have something that makes you feel good.

There are many other benefits to massage and these are some of the,:

  • help babies suffering with colic and wind
  • help promote relaxation for bub and the caregiver
  • assist with motor skills development
  • teach babies and children about appropriate touch
  • assist babies suffering with wind and colic
  • research has shown can also be effective in relaxing children with ADHD, autism and special needs 
  • improve circulation
  • improve immune system

There are many more benefits and it such a lovely skill to learn, if you would like to learn more, check out our massage and nutrition course coming up in May.

As always, thank you for stopping by and have a lovely day.

Em x


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Whats the go with cradle cap?

Posted on February 03, 2016 by Emma Colombera | 0 comments

What is cradle cap?

It appears on baby's head and can appear as mild yellowy,brown flaky spots or can cover the entire head.  Generally appearing on newborns or develops over the first few months after birth. 

Why do they get it?

It is believed to be a result of hormones in their little bodies left over from pregnancy.  People with a family history of skin conditions such as eczema seem to be more prone to have babies with cradle cap.  The sebaceous glands secrete a substance called sebum causing the bumps.  These secretions tend to slow down as the baby develops and in most cases the cradle cap clears up on its own.

Is it it  a problem?

Sometimes the little spots can become inflamed and then infected, the spots become very red and swollen, if you suspect this to be the case always best to get your health care professional to check it to be sure.

Can I do anything to help get rid of it?

AS mentioned above it often clears up by itself but here are a few things that can help in the meantime:

  • wash hair regularly and brush scalp with a soft brush to help loosen patches
  • massage a small amount of a cold pressed oil onto scalp, you can leave over night and then wash and brush in the morning to help remove softened patches.  We recommend a cold pressed organic oil as small amounts can be absorbed into the skin and using an organic oil means no nasty chemicals being absorbed.  You could try our calming baby massage oil, and then also use it for baby massage.
  • baby massage assists in improving circulation and elimination through the skin, so can be of benefit, 



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